About Dr. Hoag
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Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date. You can reach us by phone at 847-699-3101 and by fax at 847-699-3104. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible. The emphasis of our site is on skin care.

Some of the services/procedures we offer are:

 - Laser Hair Removal
 - Laser Treatments for facial blood vessels
 - Chemical Peels for improvement of mild wrinkles,  acne scars, and discoloration

Conditions treated include:

 - Skin cancer
 - Acne
 - Psoriasis
 - Eczema
 - Rosacea
 - Mole removal
 - Wart removal
 - Skin tag removal

If you are not familiar with our office and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our office was established in 2010, but
Dr. Jeanne Hoag has been in practice for 15 years and has been responsible for providing outstanding skin care ever since.

Des Plaines Dermatology
1455 E. Golf Road, Suite 104
Des Plaines, IL  60016.

Phone: (847) 699-3101
Fax: (847) 699-3104